Proposal Submission

To request time on the microscopes in the Harvard Cryo-EM Center for Structural Biology, you will need to submit a project proposal.  Please use the templates below - updated 02Mar2021. 

Give your project a brief title and then describe your project, including details about your specimen, a brief background, and the biological relevance of your project.  For specimen screening on the Talos Arctica, you need to provide negative stain images and/or 2D classes and a description of your image collection and processing.  For data collection on either the Talos Arctica or Titan Krios, you need to provide cryo images and 2D classes with a description of your image collection and processing scheme. Please reference the flowchart below for navigating the project proposal system.

Click here to submit your proposal: Project Proposal Submission Form


proposal flow chart

After your insitutional committee has reviewed the proposals, facility staff will work with you to schedule microscope sessions in PPMS (  You may log into PPMS using your eCommons ID and view the calendars for the Talos Arctica and both Titan Krios microscopes.  If you need a PPMS account, fill out the form on our form page (  Once your proposal is approved, you'll receive an email with detailed information about access to the facility and microscopes.

If you have any questions about the submission forms or templates, you can email


Proposal template - Talos Arctica sample screening14 KB
Proposal template - Titan Krios or Talos Arctica data collection14 KB