General Rules

  1. All users must be able to provide evidence of completed X-Ray Device Safety training.  Users with HUIDs can access the Harvard Training Portal (https://www.ehs.harvard.edu/training), search for 'x-ray device safety' and do the X-Ray Device Safety training module.
  2. Users doing negative stain work must be able to provide evidence of completed Radioactive Materials Safety training.  Users with HUIDs can access the Harvard Training Portal (https://www.ehs.harvard.edu/training), search for 'radioactive materials safety' and do the Radioactive Materials Safety training module.
  3. All users must receive formal training from facility staff before independent microscope and ancillary equipment use is granted. Training is requested through PPMS (https://ppms.us/harvard-hms).
  4. Only the user who has been assigned time is allowed to operate the instrument during their session.
  5. Experience users designated by staff members are allowed to train people on equipment and must supervise the trainee until a staff member approves the trainee's independent use.
  6. Any equipment must be reserved ahead of time in PPMS and the use recorded in appropriate log books.
  7. All instrumentation must be cared for as instructed during training.  Abuse of any piece of equipment will result in loss of user privileges.
  8. Problems involving any of the equipment must be reported to facility staff immediately. Do not attempt to repair any equipment. Attempting to correct a malfunction and inadvertently damaging the microscopes can void our service agreement with the manufacturer. If an unresolved error causes termination of the session the user will not be billed for the remainder of the booked time.
  9. Wear appropriate PPE during all experiments.
  10. Food and beverages are not allowed in the lab at any time.

User Rules and Responsibilities

  1. If users experience any problems while operating the instruments, they must inform a staff member. On the microscopes: stop operations, close the column valves, and contact a staff member immediatelyUsers must not attempt to resolve the problem themselves unless specifically instructed by a staff member.
  2. Users must treat the shared TEM and cryo-EM equipment with care (from tweezers to the microscopes). No instruments/tools/chemicals should be removed from the facility at any time. If any tools are missing or damaged, the user should report the problem to a staff member at the beginning of the user’s session.
  3. Users are responsible for securing their data. Data must be transferred at the end of each session.  Data should be deleted from the camera computers promptly after confirmation of successful data transfer to personal storage.  Data will be deleted without warning after a month.
  4. Users may bring a guest to the MEMS, but that guest is not permitted to touch any equipment.

Instrument sign up

  1. Microscope access is first-come/ first-serve with priority given to Harvard Medical School's Quad-based labs if scheduling conflicts arise.
  2. To gain access to the microscopes and equipment, users must either email cryoem@crystal.harvard.edu to request training or submit a training request in PPMS (https://ppms.us/harvard-hms).
  3. Once a staff member approves a user's capability to use the equipment safely and correctly, the user will be given card access to B032 and access to the scheduling calendars in PPMS.
  4. Users must sign up for all the time used on the microscopes and equipment.  If the session goes longer, PPMS must be updated to reflect the entire time used.
  5. If a session is cancelled at the last minute, that user is expected to contact others on the calendar to make sure the microscopes are cared for appropriately.

Billing Details

  1. Users will be billed the maximum of the time reserved or the actual time on the instrument.
  2. Rates are posted on the MEMS website.
  3. Users who wish to extend their time may do so if no other user has signed up or if the next scheduled user gives permission.
  4. The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for ensuring that each user from his/her lab follows the Policies and Rules of the facility outlined in this document.
  5. For external academic and industry users, a Billing Form must be filled out in PPMS (click on 'request a project').  A copy of the PO must also be provided to Remya Nair (remya_nair@hms.harvard.edu).
  6. Charges for each user will be compiled at the end of the month and sent to finance for reconciliation.