Dewar Shipping and Return

***All dewar shipments require a pre-paid, return FedEx/USPS shipping label***

  • Because local courier pick-up from our mail delivery room has become increasingly time-consuming to coordinate, we are no longer accepting dewar pick-ups via courier. This is to ensure your grids are delivered back to you in a timely manner, and are still cold when they arrive! Thank you for your understanding.
  • You may still use a local courier service for deliveries-only.  The delivered shipment must contain a pre-paid FedEx/USPS shipping return label.
  • If your dewar shipment does not include a pre-paid return shipping label, you will need to email one to, or mail a physical copy of one, to the address listed below in order to get your dewar and saved grids back. 

When to mail the shipment:

  • Grids and a hard copy of your inventory are due 3 business days in advance of your session. 
  • Grids that are overnight shipped on Fridays, or the night before holidays, will not be received until the following business day.
  • HMS Holiday list:

Shipping Address:

  • For all dewar deliveries, use the following address:

 Dr. Remya Nair (SGM B04)
Harvard Medical School
Loading Dock
Warren Alpert Building
200 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115

  • Delivery Address Phone Contact: 617-432-7909
  • If you are using a local courier service for delivery-only, and they have any issues locating the HMS loading dock, contact ph.: 617-432-7909, or email
  • The HMS mail room loading dock is open 7:30am-3:00pm.
  • Notify staff at when your shipment is en route

Dewar Return:

  • After your session, staff will return your dewar and/or grids using your pre-paid FedEx/USPS return shipping label.
  • FedEx/USPS shipments are picked up from the HMS loading dock 9:30AM daily, or 7PM from the FedEx drop off location.
  • We will inform you via email once your dewar is en route.
  • If your dewar shipment does not include a pre-paid return shipping label, mail one to the above address as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee your dewar will be kept cold beyond 2 weeks after your imaging time.


Email with any additional shipping questions.

Download these shipping instructions in PDF format here: