Sample Drop Off


  1. Grid drop off deadline: Grids for 24+ hour proposal slots are required at the facility 3 business days in advance of a scheduled session. Grids for shorter Rapid Access or Staff assisted screening sessions are due 7 days in advance of the screening session. Short screening sessions are more frequent and thus require more time to allow for clipping.
  2. Number of grids to drop off: Due to clipping and loading logistics performed by staff, users are allowed 10 grids per 24+ hour proposal session, 6 grids per rapid access session, and 11 grids per staff assisted screening session. 
  3. Grid Drop off Instructions: Grids must be dropped off with a completed Grid box inventory sheet. Deliver both the grids and inventory to the sample prep room located at B02A in the basement of Seely G. Mudd. Place grids in the "Drop off Slot" of the facility dewar and note the name of your tube on the Inventory sheet.
  4. Clipping of grids and loading of samples for use in Talos Arctica and Titan Krios autoloaders will be performed by staff members only.  Clipped grids from established cryo-EM facilities and labs may also be accepted following consultation with a staff member.
  5. After imaging, grids requested to be saved will be placed back in the facility dewar, in the "Pick Up Slot".
  6. Samples must be retrieved within 7 days of completion of the microscope session. The facility will not be responsible for long term storage of samples.