Our doors are re-opening June 21!

Hello again, cryoEMers and negative stainers!

We are excited to say our microscope doors will be back open to masked users on June 21— no more squinting at multiple remote TeamViewer screens, and if you were trained remotely in recent months, you can finally see what the TEM-UI looks like in person (as long as you use hand sanitizer before you touch it)!

As we transition to being on-site during imaging sessions, inventory and grid drop offs are still expected 3 business days in advance for proposal sessions, and 1 week in advance for SAS and Rapid access sessions. Sarah, Richard, and Megan will be rotating onsite to get your session started on the Talos and Krios microscopes. Sarah, Zongli and Remya will be available for scope support in the MEMS. CryoEM imaging sessions will still start at 10AM on your scheduled days. For the cryoEM center, Shaun will continue the remote data transfer scheme for now. SAS sessions are the only sessions that will remain remote, since staff are controlling the microscope.

Looking forward to seeing you all in person in the coming weeks!

-HC2EM and MEMS Staff