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Harvard Cryo-EM Center for Structural Biology—Updated February 10th

Q: What equipment is currently available for use?

A: Two Vitrobots are available in the sample prep room located in SGM 102A. With project proposal submission and review, the Talos Arctica and both Titan Krios microscopes are available for sample screening and data collection.

Q: How do I get access to the equipment?

A: Harvard, Boston Children's Hospital, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Massachusetts General Hospital communities are part of the Consortium that founded the facility.  If you are not a member of the listed institutions, you are welcome to use the facility at the External Academic rate.  Please see the policies page for more information or contact a staff member for more information.

To access the Vitrobots, you can request a PPMS account via our submission form (PPMS Account Creation Form).  Once your account is active, you can schedule your preferred time. Your session will need to be approved by a staff member and we will provide a brief training during use. You can access and view the calendars here:

To access the facility microscopes for sample screening or data collection, you need to submit a project proposal (  Each proposal will be reviewed by a committee at the user's home institution.  Approved projects will be allowed 4 sessions on the specified microscope.  After these 4 sessions, users will need additional approval to book further sessions for the same project.  For more details, please see our policies page.

Weekly staff-assisted screening sessions will continue.  No proposal is required to submit samples.  Please contact Richard Walsh if you are interested or have questions.

Q: How much does it cost to use the equipment?

A:  The following fees for equipment use and training have been approved.  Consumables such as clipping components, autogrid boxes, and hard drives will be charged at cost.

  Consortium rates External Academic rates*
Talos Arctica $984 per day ($41 per hour) $1512 per day ($63 per hour)
Titan Krios $1560 per day ($65 per hour) $2040 per day ($85 per hour)
Microscope Training $250 per 4-hr session
(in addition to microscope cost)
$250 per 4-hr session
(in addition to microscope cost)




*includes F&A charge

Q: How much microscope time does my institution get?




Q: What equipment is currently available for use?

A:  The CM10 and T12 microscopes are available to qualified Quad-based users at Harvard Medical School.  We have moved all scheduling calendars to PPMS and began charging a fee for access and training on March 17.  Access for training on the F20 is on a request-only basis.  We are no longer training new users on the Polara.  Fees for access and training to the F20 and Polara began on July 1.  The radioactive work area is available for negative stain sample preparation for users trained to use the microscopes in the MEMS.

Fees for use:

  T12 CM10 F20 Polara
Internal Harvard $13 per hour $10 per hour $150 per day $250 per day
External Academic $47 per hour $36 per hour $298 per day $402 per day
Training $250 per session $250 per session $250 per session $250 per session

For further information, please contact Remya Nair.