Rapid Access Screening

Rapid access sessions are for users who only want to use the Talos microscope a fraction of the day, for screening and/or setting up short data collections. No proposal is necessary. 

Experienced users can use rapid access sessions to screen their own grids and set up small data collections for a 4 hour minimum. Inexperienced users can request a screening training during their rapid access session, in which a training fee will be assessed. Morning rapid access users have a 4 hour limit. Afternoon rapid access sessions have the option to set up an overnight data collection.

We offer Rapid access sessions on Tuesdays, and on-demand depending on microscope openings. For the time being, rapid access users may load a maximum of 6 grids per session to accomodate multiple users per day. 

To request a rapid access timeslot, log in to PPMS, go to "Request A training" (see image below) from the cryoEM home page, and select "Rapid Access". Fill out the online form, and once submitted, a staff member will get back to you within 3 business days. You can also view the current Arctica calendar via PPMS. Request a PPMS account here.