Microscope Training

For screening and data collection services, please see Staff assisted Screening. For screening training and/or shorter sessions on the Arctica, please see Rapid Access

Proposals should be submitted for longer term projects, so that users can book available 24-hours sessions directly on the Krios or Talos calendars. One training session for setting up data collection is automatically given during the first 24-hour session booked at the facility. During the course of this initial training day, staff will go over instrument protocols to set up overnight automated data collection. After initial training, further training needs are assessed upon discretion of staff. Each training session is assessed one training fee.

During Tuesday rapid access screening trainings, a staff member will show new users how to screen their grids if needed, and go over data collection setup if time allows. During Wednesday staff assisted screening sessions, a staff member will both screen and set up overnight data collection at the end of the day as the user observes.