Molecular EM Suite Re-Entry Instructions

Updated 10Jun2021

  • Occupancy limitations will be removed, and the schedules for the negative stain bench, Vitrobot, CP3 and Carbon coater will no longer block the adjoining schedules.
  • The 30-minute gap between sessions will be removed.
  • Face shields are no longer required for training or when multiple people are in a microscope room.  Face masks are still required by the school.
  • No outside gloves – remove them before entering.
  • Please continue to wear gloves when you enter the facility.
  • Everyone is expected to disinfect the high touch areas at the end of their session.  No disinfection is required at the beginning of a session.  Disinfection log sheets will now be part of the standard logbook.  Negative stain bench users will have a simplified log sheet.
  • No food or drinks in the facility.
  • Staff will be disinfecting high touch common areas.
  • Visitors must be escorted by a user signed up in PPMS at all times.
  • Training by superusers needs approval from a staff member.


  • Disinfection policy to be followed by all users:
    • Disinfect inside the microscope rooms with the provided hydrogen peroxide wipes - note the disinfection in the microscope logbook.
    • Disinfect outside the microscope rooms and on all other surfaces with the provided 70% ethanol and paper towels.
      • Spray the 70% ethanol on the paper towel and then wipe 30-120 seconds such that each surface remains wet for full disinfection.
      • Paper towels and gloves contaminated with radioactive material must be disposed of in the radioactive waste bins.
  • Staff will disinfecting common high-touch areas.