Cryo-EM Center Re-Entry Instructions

Updated 13Apr2021

Everyone should use the regular proposal process for new projects related to COVID-19 work and non-COVID-19 work (  There will be a separate approval group for COVID-19 work and it will continue to have priority scheduling.  All grids may be prepared on the Vitrobots and dropped off during Phase 2B; please check the sample prep room availability before dropping off your grids.  Look at the schedules for Vitrobot 1 - restricted or Vitrobot 2 - restricted to determine if the room is available for grid drop-off/pick-up.  We are accepting paper copies of grid inventories again, so please deliver a complete inventory when you delivery your grids.  Also, do not deliver a hard drive to the facilities; all data transfer is happening remotely.  

To request microscope time, please book the requested days in PPMS.  All sessions will be approved by staff in PPMS.  Staff-assisted screening and Rapid access sessions, which do not require a project proposal, will also be remote.

  • No user is permitted in SGM B04 to use the microscopes – we will continue with remote screening and data collection with TeamViewer and Zoom
  • No more than 1 person in the Sample Prep room (SGM B02A) at any given time unless it is a training session and both the trainer and trainee have put on a face shield or face dome (see the Covid-19 page for details)
  • When you sign up for a Vitrobot, PPMS will automatically book the other Vitrobot
  • PPMS will create a 30-minute gap between each session on a Vitrobot
  • During the week, wait for your session to be confirmed by staff before arriving at B02A
  • During the weekend, you can use the Vitrobots in B02A as needed
  • Disinfection policy to be followed by all users:
    • No outside gloves – remove them before entering
    • Hand sanitizer before entering B02A
    • Put on a fresh pair of gloves – provided inside
    • Disinfect the Vitrobot, tools, and areas you will touch before you start - note the disinfection on the log sheet
    • Prepare your samples
    • Disinfect the Vitrobot, tools, and areas you have touched when you are done - note the disinfection on the log sheet
    • Remove your gloves
    • Exit B02A
    • Use the hand sanitizer again
  • Disinfect all surfaces with the provided 70% ethanol and paper towels
    • Spray the 70% ethanol on the paper towel and then wipe 30-120 seconds such that each surface remains wet for full disinfection
  • Staff will be checking the disinfection log sheets and wiping down high-touch surfaces