Staff Assisted Screening

Staff assisted screening (SAS) is a service in which a staff member will screen a maximum of 11 grids per user. No proposal is necessary. During screening, a staff member will collect low mag montages of each grid and collect high mag screening images with users to asses particle concentration and ice quality. Morning timeslots are grid screening only and are assessed one training fee. During afternoon timeslots, the last user of the day has the option to have a staff member set up an overnight data collection for an additional training service fee and microscope hourly rate. During overnight data collections, staff will also set up on-the-fly Relion data processing for the chosen sample. 


Academic SAS days are offered regularly on Wednesdays; Industry SAS days are scheduled on a rolling basis per microscope availability. You can view current openings on the Arctica calendar via PPMS. To request a staff assisted screening session, Request a PPMS account. After you have a CryoEM PPMS Account and are logged in, go to "Request A training" (see image below) from the cryoEM home page, and select "Staff Assisted Screening" and fill out the online form. Once submitted, a staff member will get back to you within 3 business days.